I Believe In You (Acoustic)
Track: I Believe In You (Acoustic)
Artist: Tyler Hilton
Album: Better On Beachwood - EP

Heard this track yesterday. Lyrics are dope.

Props to @Deelicious AKA Darwin Aguinaldo for the song.

New Vlog Post is up. It’s been a while Tumblr.

I blame my net which is already capped. Curses net providers of NZ.

And curses to my youtube name. It’ll change soon.

You got a fast car
But is it fast enough so we can fly away
We gotta make a decision
We leave tonight or live and die this way

Tracy Chapman - Fast Car

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Hello 2011. That’s Twenty. One. One! And i’m still getting used to the idea that it’s January.

Celebrating New Years was a thrill. Not a rollercoaster thrill but watching fireworks and finding people around the Auckland nightlife celebrating and letting go of yesteryear. And to my excitement, I kept forgetting my work days were coming up. 

Lately, I’ve been working 2 hours away from the city, to a beachtown residing in the Coromandel which doesn’t sound like much until you see me walking around in the sun, slapping sun block on beach girls backs. And enjoying the sun, let’s not forget that :D Yes fun and excitement would sum up my experience at these beaches :D

With these experiences aside, I did manage to have time to get my head around a couple of resolutions this year:

  1. Have my entire wall turned into canvas art of my friends and family
  2. Have a youtube account to start a hobby
  3. Have my degree by June 2011, NOT next year
  4. Have my credit card paid off
  5. And the 5th one, write. A blog. A book. Who knows, we’ll see eventually.

That’s where I’ve got my eyes fixed on this year and that’s about it. So before I farewell 2010 for the last time, let me recap the moments that I can remember from the top of my head.

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Tracy Chapman - Fast Car (Kina Grannis and Boyce Avenue cover).

Had this on rotation for the last 48 hours. Well worth the listen.


So Beautiful
Track: So Beautiful
Artist: Musiq Soulchild
Album: On My Radio

Saw this on a youtube clip once.

Been hooked ever since


U mad Ash?

U mad Ash?


let me love you
Track: let me love you
Artist: Mario
Album: Turning Point

Reminiscing over some old music and some remind me of people.

This song will always remind me of one person


At Your Best
Track: At Your Best
Artist: Aaliyah
Album: Aaliyah

"Because at your best
You are love”

These lyrics alone made me see that even people can become something of themselves when they try

(Source: itchy-palms, via featherstonefrenzy)

totalawe: a lion in the meadow

ahhhh cute huh?

I used to read this when I was a kid = A Lion in the meadows!

I'm TJ *_*

I'm TJ *_* Cookie = Me

I have a two letter name. Twenty-two.

Backed up with a huge imagination.

Yet to be used 0_0

This is my blog for Music, Art, Photography

Enjoy ^_^


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